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About myself

I was born in Mesocco (GR) from Swiss German parents. I always lived in Ticino, except for a period of 9 months spent in Los Angeles (USA).

I live with my family in Caslano, a beautiful village in the canton Ticino (Italian speaking part of Switzerland) where, despite the proximity of some major shopping areas, one can still live in contact with nature, walking or bicycling.

Miriam B.C.


Photographer by passion

I love nature, animals, and walks. I can combine these interests well, also thanks to my dog Tommy, that I take out every day for a stroll.

When my brother, for one of my trips, kindly (and indefinitely) agreed to lend me one of his SLR cameras, I discovered how beautiful photographing is. Not succeeding very well, or just using it in automatic mode, I decided to go into that, attending a photography course. Since then, every time I pass the door of my house, I look at the world through different eyes.
I try to capture combinations of light around me, which may create emotions in those who see my photos.

I also have the "ball" of computer science and I can not do without my iPad.

To relax my mind, I play social games with my family, yo-yo, or solve Sudokus.

Being married and mother of two girls, throughout the year I cook various menus, sometimes just improvised, and an excellent risotto (at least so say my friends who have tasted it!)

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Toby e Kimba


For some years now, I've been a gym trainer for adults.

In my opinion, sport helps to stay young, even when it's no longer the case. This is one reason why I coach, a couple of times a week, local groups of women who want to move, have fun, and stay fit.

The good side of this activity is that when my gymnasts walk out happy from a lesson, I am happy too!

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